With Synca, ENDO’s most well-being lighting series,
artificial light evolves closer to natural light,
enriching our bodies and minds.



Wide color temperature range
from 1800K to 12000K


Color temperature ranges from clear blue sky at 12000K to candle light at 1800K.
Synca closely follows the Planckian locus and can replicate vast colors of natural light.

Synca pict01*Planckian locus: chart of the path that the color of an incandescent black body would take in a particular chromaticity space as the blackbody temperature changes. The closer the light is to the path, the more natural it is.
Synca pict02


High CRI across various color temperatures

Synca pict01
Synca pict02



5 level tonality adjustment (Duv)

Synca Duv

Offers 5 levels of tonality adjustment to suit various application. Adjust the reddishness or greenishness to make skin appear healthier, or plants look more lively.

*Duv: The value of distance away from the Planckian locus (∆uv) multiplied by 1000. The more negative the value, the redder it is. Higher the value, the greener it is.

Synca pict02


Produce 121 natural color

Synca offers 121 colors. It replicates natural phenomenons and seasons using paletone colors, and blends into environment naturally.



Control System

You can choose from either Smart LEDZ system or DALI system to control Synca product.

SmartLEDZ Control system
Wireless control system that caters to
various needs and budget.

Online Catalogue
DALI Control system
|| coming soon ||
Synca lighting fixtures can be controlled through a DALI converter in various DALI control systems.


More details are availble here