Create a new relationship
between “people” and “light”

Light is the precious entity that gives energy to everything in the natural world. People seek for brightness in light, and light works on people in physiological and psychological way.

Through ergonomics approach, ENDO Lightning seeks to create human-friendly lights for one’ s body and mind. Beyond the light’ s functional brightness, we create further values in comfort and calmness, as well as security and safety.

To create a new relationship between “people” and “light” ,
ENDO Lighting will continue its challenge.


More than 50 years
illuminating people

To create a new relationship between “people” and “light”, ENDO Lighting will continue its challenge.

  • 1967

    September, 1967

    Established Endo Lighting Manufacturing in Joto-ku, Osaka City, and started manufacturing lighting fixture.
  • 1969

    January 1969

    Started manufacturing marine lighting fixture.
  • 1972

    August 1972

    Reorganized as a legal entity, and established ENDO Lighting Corporation in Higashiosaka. Addressed manufacturing/sales for shop buildings.Opened the first factory in Higashi Osaka City.
  • 1972

    September 1972

    Opened a sales office in Osaka City. Started selling incandescent lighting fixture under own brand, including downlight, ceiling light, spot light, pendant, chandelier, and bracket.
  • 1974

    January 1974

    Opened Tokyo sales office.
  • 1974

    June 1974

    Opened HQ distribution center.
  • 1976

    January 1976

    Opened a distribution center in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
  • 1984

    June 1984

    Opened Kanto distribution center (moved from Tokyo distribution center) and Kita-Kanto sales office (moved from Osaka sales office) at the industrial complex in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture.
  • 1986

    August 1986

    Established the original brand “ABiTA” to increase the sales of imported goods. Opened Sano factory in Kanto distribution center.
  • 1987

    January 1987

    Absorbed Endo Lighting Tokyo Sales, Endo Lighting Sales Kyoto office, Endo Lighting Osaka Sales, and Erukon Osaka to consolidate sales divisions. Also absorbed Endo Manufacturing to improve the production capability.
  • 1988

    August 1988

    Opened Central distribution center (moved from HQ distribution center) in Minakuchi-cho in Koga-gun (current Minakuchi-cho, Koga-shi), Shiga Prefecture.
  • 1989

    May 1989

    Opened Minakuchi factory in Central distribution center.
  • 1989

    June 1989

    Opened Endo Lighting Research Laboratory in Higashi Osaka City.
    Opened Thai local company Lighting ENDO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
  • 1990

    February 1990

    Became listed on Specially Designated stocks in Second Section (New Second Section) of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • 1992

    July 1992

    Opened Production Technology Research Laboratory in Higashi Osaka City.
  • 1993

    January 1993

    Started living business and system storage furniture sales/installation. (Business ended in March, 2011.)
  • 1993

    December 1993

    Merged Osaka factory into Minakuchi factory.
  • 1996

    January 1996

    Designated as Part Two stocks of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • 1997

    July 1997

    Started interior furniture business and system storage furniture (assembly furniture) sales.
  • 1999

    December 1999

    Acquired ISO9001 Certificate for lighting apparatus in all offices.
  • 2001

    March 2001

    Abita salone started furniture sales in Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
  • 2002

    January 2002

    Acquired ISO9001 2000 version.
  • 2003


    Changed the name from Lighting ENDO(THAILAND)Co., Ltd to ENDO Lighting(THAILAND)Public Co. Ltd.Established Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary), a Chinese manufacturing subsidiary.
  • 2004

    February 2004

    Acquired ISO9001 Certificate for interior furniture business and interior furniture supplies sales.
  • 2005

    February 2005

    Established the factory of Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • 2005

    July 2005

    Opened Aoyama showroom in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
    Established E-SEMS Corporation, a subsidiary of environmental business.
  • 2006

    June 2006

    Moved HQ and E-SEMS Corporation (consolidated subsidiary) to Chuo-ku, Osaka, and opened HQ showroom.
  • 2007

    June 2007

    Acquired ISO14001 Certificate for lighting apparatus in Lighting Technology Research Laboratory.
  • 2008

    October 2008

    Opened a distribution center (Okawa Center) for interior furniture and supplies in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • 2009


    Developed LED module, and succeeded in productizing the LED lighting apparatus “LEDZ”.
  • 2010

    August 2010

    Established ENDO Lighting Accessories India Private Ltd. in India.
  • 2010

    May 2010

    Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd. acquired ISO9001 Certificate for lighting apparatus.
  • 2010

    October 2010

    Started manufacturing LED lights in Sano factory.
  • 2011

    September 2011

    Acquired Icon International, Inc. (consolidated subsidiary) to enhance sales of lighting apparatus in North America.
  • 2012

    February 2012

    Moved Aoyama showroom to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, and opened as Tokyo showroom.
  • 2012

    April 2012

    Opened Shanghai sales office.
  • 2012

    June 2012

    Opened Singapore representative office.
  • 2012

    September 2012

    Opened London representative office in UK.
  • 2012

    November 2012

    Opened “Technical Center” in Higashi Osaka, a new product development location for LED lighting apparatus.
  • 2012

    December 2012

    Designated as Part One stocks of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • 2013

    January 2013

    Completed China New Factory.
  • 2013

    July 2013

    Became listed on The First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with the spot market integration of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange.
  • 2013

    December 2013

    Completed Thai Third Factory.
  • 2014

    April 2014

    Established ENDO Lighting SE Asia Pte. Ltd (subsidiary) in Singapore.
  • 2014

    November 2014

    Acquired Ansell Electrical Products Limited and Ansell (Sales & Distribution) Limited in UK.
  • 2015

    March 2015

    Honmachi 1-6-19, Chuo-ku, Osaka now became Osaka office, and HQ functions moved to Bingomachi 1-7-3, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
  • 2017

    September 2017

    50th anniversary of founding


Not just light equipment.
Deliver “light environment”

What ENDO Lighting delivers is not just light equipment. We deliver “light environment” .

Supermarkets, for example, require an environment that “promotes customers to visit corners in a lively store” . Offices, on the other hand, require an environment that “is comfortable and lets you focus” .

With our lighting technology cultivated for more than 50 years, ENDO Lighting proposes the best lighting environment to solve the customers’ various problems.

Product Variations

Product Variations

From the rich lineups, we provide the product best suited for the space.
Lighting Consulting

Lighting Consulting

We support you in all phases of developing your lighting projects.
Lighting Simulation

Lighting Simulation

Accurate simulation tool for unspecific “brightness” realizes the appropriate lighting plan.


Human-centric lighting
for our precious lives

Light is the precious entity that gives energy to everything in the natural world. People seek for brightness in light, and light works on people in physiological and psychological way.

Through ergonomics approach, ENDO Lightning seeks to create human-friendly lights for one’s body and mind. Beyond the light’s functional brightness, we create further values in comfort and calmness, as well as security and safety.


Uniform and beautiful,
yet long-lasting and secure

technical centre

ENDO Lighting fully controls the light emitted from light devices, through its original reflector and lens design.
We seek for the uniform and beautiful lights, with the minimum energy loss.

Furthermore, we thoroughly validate the durability, quake resistance, and waterproof property.
We not only comply to international standards, but also conduct internal standard tests in more rigorous perspectives.

ENDO Lighting products are long-lasting and secure.



Contribute to sustain and
improve global environments


Lighting is essential to our cultural life.
However, lighting requires huge resources and has many issues relating to the global environment.

Creating better environments with less resources and energy.

ENDO Lighting pursues eco-friendly products through various activities. It contributes to sustain and improve global environments.

Compliance to RoHS

We comply to the usage restrictions specified in “JIS the marking for presence of the specific hazardous substances (JIS C 0950 :2008)” and “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances* in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS Directive).”
* Certain hazardous substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium compound, polybrominated biphenyl, polybrominated diphenyl ether

Sorting waste/ Recycling production process water


By introducing a non-drainage system, wastewater from the manufacturing process such as painting is regenerated and recycled. In addition, all waste in each process is sorted and recycled.


Global society has continued to undergo significant change in recent years and faces a variety of challenges, including climate change, poverty, and inequality. To address these challenges, the United Nations adopted "Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" in September 2015, setting forth the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companies are playing an increasingly important role in achieving these goals.

Light is essentially an important element that gives vitality to people's minds and bodies. On the other hand, lighting requires a lot of energy and consumes a large amount of precious resources. Since our founding, we have taken on the challenge of achieving both an "enriched life" and " energy conservation."

In 2009, we were the first in the industry to convert all products to LED. In the nine years through FY2017, when the replacement of LED fixtures in the facility lighting market had almost run its course, we achieved a reduction of 1,512,000 tons of C02*.

We will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs for a sustainable society by creating human- and earth-friendly light values such as comfort, relaxation, health, security, and safety, as well as improving energy efficiency through high-efficiency LED lighting and control.

* CO2 emissions reductions from LED light source fixtures sold during the period were calculated based on the difference between the CO2 emissions reductions from the same number of conventional fixtures sold and the amount of CO2 emissions reductions from the same number of LED light source fixtures sold.

Development of high efficiency lighting

By improving the efficiency of power supplies and optimizing LED packages, we are developing even more high-efficiency lighting fixtures to curb CO2 emissions.

Light Management as the norm

Dimming is the simplest way to save energy. We aim to create an era in which "lighting management as the norm."

Fixture design for maximum light utilization

Reduce energy loss by reducing excess light leakage from the fixtures and using it up effectively.

Light that matches human rhythms

Color control and dimming of the light creates the flow of the day and supports a healthy rhythm of life.

Glare control

Suppressing unpleasant light, we offer eye-friendly and enriching environments.

Indexing of sensation

Simulation tools are used to predict impressions such as "brightness" to achieve optimal lighting planning.

Evidence-based proposals

Studying the effects of light on psychology and physiology in collaboration with universities.


From basic knowledge of lighting to large experiments to explore the possibilities of light, we provide various topics related to light and lighting.

Lighting seminars

Seminars on basic lighting are offered where you can actually "feel" light and learn about it.

Talk events

Talk events featuring prominent architects, lighting designers, and professionals from different industries are held to unravel the future of light.

Environmentally conscious design

We are working to develop products that do not contain environmentally regulated substances. We also provide products that comply with the Green Purchasing Law.

Promoting resource recycling

Efficient use of resources, such as the adoption of a no-drainage system, along with recycling to reduce waste, is being promoted.

Better working environment

Improve productivity with a lighting environment that suits the purpose of the meeting

Better working environment

Make people's expressions more cheerful with high color-rendering lighting.

Better working environment

Increasing store comfort with dimming and color control

Energy saving

Energy saving by detailed lighting control

Energy saving

Energy visualization with EMS

Energy saving

Control unnecessary light according to operations

Global Network

ENDO Lighting’ s network
extends beyond Japan

As the global brand ENDO, we have established strategic locations around the world with our strength of Japanese high quality and solutions. We support each country’ s lighting requirements in detailed way.


Our project

  • Kinokuniya Central World

    Kinokuniya Central World

    Place | Bangkok, Thailand
    Owner | Kinokuniya Book Stores (Thailand) Co., Ltd
    Lighting Design | Light Collab

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  • Synca U/X Lab

    Synca U/X Lab

    Place | Tokyo, Japan

    #Office / Research Centre #Synca #Japan
  • Wilmar HQ

    Wilmar HQ

    Place | Singapore
    Owner | Wilmar International Limited
    Architect | Eric Parry Studio
    Lighting Design | Nipek
    Photos | Fabian Ong

    #LandscapeOffice / Research Centre #GLARE-LESSMINI series #Spotlight #synclite #Singapore
  • Clap Dubai

    Clap Dubai

    Place | Dubai, UAE
    Proprietary | Addmind Hospitality Group CA
    Designer | Studio Glitt Inc.

    #Retail / Shopping Mall #GLARE-LESSMINI series #Spotlight #UAE


    Place | Kobe, Japan
    Owner | Kobe city
    Exhibition Planning, Design, Construction | TANSEISHA Co., Ltd.
    Lighting Design | akari + design associates
    Photo | Forward Stroke inc.

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  • Auditorium for Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology

    Auditorium for Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology

    Place | Kochi, India
    Architect | RMM Designs Mumbai
    MEP | Design Bureau Mumbai

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