1967 Sep.
  • Established ENDO Lighting Manufacturing in Joto-ku, Osaka City, and started manufacturing lighting fixture.
1969 Jan.
  • Started manufacturing marine lighting fixture.
1972 Aug.
  • Reorganized as a legal entity, and established ENDO Lighting Corporation in Higashiosaka.
  • Addressed manufacturing/sales for shop buildings.
  • Opened the first factory in Higashi Osaka City.
  • Opened a sales office in Osaka City.
  • Started selling incandescent lighting fixture under own brand, including downlight, ceiling light, spot light, pendant, chandelier, and bracket.
  • Opened Osaka sales office.
1974 Jan.
  • Opened Tokyo sales office.
1975 Jan.
  • Opened Fukuoka sales office.
  • Opened HQ distribution center.
1976 Jan.
  • Opened a distribution center in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
  • Opened Sapporo sales office.
1979 Apr.
  • Opened Sendai sales office.
1982 Jan.
  • Opened Nagoya sales office.
1984 Jun.
  • Opened Kanto distribution center (moved from Tokyo distribution center) and Kita-Kanto sales office (moved from Osaka sales office) at the industrial complex in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture.
1985 Apr.
  • Opened Yokohama sales office.
1986 Aug.
  • Established the original brand “ABiTA” to increase the sales of imported goods.
  • Opened Sano factory in Kanto distribution center.
1987 Jan.
  • Absorbed Endo Lighting Tokyo Sales, Endo Lighting Sales Kyoto office, Endo Lighting Osaka Sales, and Erukon Osaka to consolidate sales divisions. Also absorbed Endo Manufacturing to improve the production capability.
1988 Aug.
  • Opened Central distribution center (moved from HQ distribution center) in Minakuchi-cho in Koga-gun (current Minakuchi-cho, Koga-shi), Shiga Prefecture.
1989 May.
  • Opened Minakuchi factory in Central distribution center.
  • Opened Endo Lighting Research Laboratory in Higashi Osaka City.
  • Opened Thai local company Lighting ENDO (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
1990 Feb.
  • Became listed on Specially Designated stocks in Second Section (New Second Section) of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1992 Jul.
  • Opened Production Technology Research Laboratory in Higashi Osaka City.
1993 Jan.
  • Started living business and system storage furniture sales/installation. (Business ended in March, 2011.)
  • Merged Osaka factory into Minakuchi factory.
1996 Jan.
  • Designated as Part Two stocks of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1997 Jul.
  • Started interior furniture business and system storage furniture (assembly furniture) sales.
1999 Dec.
  • Acquired ISO9001 Certificate for lighting apparatus in all offices.
2001 Mar.
  • Abita salone started furniture sales in Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
2002 Jan.
  • Acquired ISO9001 2000 version.
  • Changed the name from Lighting ENDO(THAILAND)Co., Ltd to ENDO Lighting(THAILAND)Public Co. Ltd.
  • Established Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiary), a Chinese manufacturing subsidiary.
2004 Feb.
  • Acquired ISO9001 Certificate for interior furniture business and interior furniture supplies sales.
2005 Feb.
  • Established the factory of Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Opened Aoyama showroom in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
  • Established E-SEMS Corporation, a subsidiary of environmental business.
2006 Jun.
  • Moved HQ and E-SEMS Corporation (consolidated subsidiary) to Chuo-ku, Osaka, and opened HQ showroom.
2007 Jun.
  • Acquired ISO14001 Certificate for lighting apparatus in Lighting Technology Research Laboratory.
2008 Oct.
  • Opened a distribution center (Okawa Center) for interior furniture and supplies in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • Developed LED module, and succeeded in productizing the LED lighting apparatus “LEDZ”.
2010 May.
  • Kunshan Endo Lighting Co., Ltd. acquired ISO9001 Certificate for lighting apparatus.
  • Started manufacturing LED lights in Sano factory.
2011 Sep.
  • Acquired Icon International, Inc. (consolidated subsidiary) to enhance sales of lighting apparatus in North America.
2012 Feb.
  • Moved Aoyama showroom to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, and opened as Tokyo showroom.
  • Opened Shanghai sales office.
  • Opened Singapore representative office.
  • Opened London representative office in England.
  • Opened “Technical Center” in Higashi Osaka, a new product development location for LED lighting apparatus.
  • Designated as Part One stocks of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
2013 Jan.
  • Completed China New Factory.
  • Became listed on The First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with the spot market integration of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange.
  • Completed Thai Third Factory.
2014 Apr.
  • Established ENDO Lighting SE Asia Pte. Ltd (subsidiary) in Singapore.
  • Acquired Ansell Electrical Products Limited and Ansell (Sales & Distribution) Limited in England.
2015 Mar.
  • Honmachi 1-6-19, Chuo-ku, Osaka now became Osaka office, and HQ functions moved to Bingomachi 1-7-3, Chuo-ku, Osaka.

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