Conducting various tests complying with not only the international standards but also the rigorous internal standards, in order to deliver safe and secure products.
We provide products for customers to use with security.

For providing products to be used with security, ENDO Lighting reproduces every installed environment, and verifies the product reliability in special environments.
At the technical center that performs product performance tests, various testing apparatuses are installed. Many tests can be conducted internally, allowing the product improvements at the prototype stage, leading to the product development of the world topnotch quality.

Development / Production

Durable Performance

Find defects/weaknesses in advance and improve.

ENDO Lighting is conducting rigorous tests to remedy unsafe areas.
In order to check the limit performance of products/parts, we impose several-fold stronger-than-normal heat or vibration stress on current-carrying products, trying to discover hidden defects or weaknesses in advance. We then analyze safety/functions/defects for these defects/weaknesses, and secure safety and functions by changing designs and replacing parts causing the unsafety/malfunctions.

Introduced HALT (destruction) test first among the domestic lighting specialized makers

Introduced HALT (destruction) test first among the domestic lighting specialized makers HALT (Destruction) Tester

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) test is performed in five steps of the following:

  1. Low temperature step
  2. High temperature step
  3. Abrupt temperature change step
  4. Vibration step
  5. Combined (thermal impulse + vibration) step

We find the operational limit and destruction limit outside the product specifications, optimize the margins to these limits from product specs, and improve the product quality.

Against Interference Wave

Measures against noise.

We conduct tests for electromagnetic interference from electronic apparatuses. We check that LED lighting fixtures and power sources are in compliance with the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test standards.

Anechoic Chamber Anechoic Chamber
Noise Test Chamber Noise Test Chamber

Aseismic Performance

Aseismic Performance Vibration Tester

Aseismic design & construction guide for buildings and aseismic test by replicating earthquakes.

Japan is exposed to large earthquakes and disasters, generating much interest in the seismic adequacy of buildings and lighting facilities.
ENDO Lighting is conducting two types of aseismic tests:

  1. Aseismic tests complying with aseismic design and construction guide for buildings.
  2. Aseismic experiments with the earthquake wave (measured) that triggered large disasters such as Great East Japan Earthquake and use the results to verify, maintain, and improve products’ aseismic performance.

Waterproof Performance

Waterproof Performance Automatic Waterproof Tester

Conducting waterproof tests that comply with JIS standards.

Waterproof tests are performed for longer hours under the condition specified by JIS standards, to verify the products’ waterproof performance.
To verify the safety, heavy rain is artificially created over the whole day and night for any impact of rain or moisture.

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