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Attention to invisible details

The heat dissipation design of LEDs, which are semiconductors, has a direct impact on their performance. Consequently, we follow a proprietary heat dissipation design process that involves a series of thorough thermal analysis simulations, including of the materials used in light fixtures.
Additionally, day in and day out, our research and development efforts focus on intrinsic energy consumption efficiency (measured in lumens per watt), which indicates the luminous flux (measured in lumens) produced per watt of energy consumption.

Optical design through world-class evaluation and verification

After they have been verified using 3D data, we evaluate and test product prototypes at a world-class level of precision using light distribution measuring instruments used by the British Standards Institution (BSI), a public organization with international credibility. Through repeated micrometer-level revisions to lens and reflecting plate designs, we progressively increase product performance and efficiency.
We also put prototypes through a multifaceted testing process in an actual lighting environment, including visual perception of brightness and color rendering property evaluation.

Supplying products that can be used safely and with peace of mind through performance evaluation testing

We have introduced a quality evaluation system and equipment that meets global standards and specifications. We supply products whose reliability has been rigorously evaluated to ensure compliance with the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act, Japanese Industrial Standards, Japanese Luminaires Association standards, overseas standards, and a series of even more demanding internal standards.

Vibration testing

We perform earthquake resistance and vibration resistance testing by subjecting parts and products to a variety of frequencies and waveforms to generate vibration from acceleration. Lamps and electronic components in particular are evaluated using methods established by Japanese Industrial Standards and MIL standards.

Salt water spray and CASS testing

We verify the corrosion resistance of paint and metallic finishes by spraying salt water mist or acidic solutions onto painted and plated surfaces.

Constant temperature and
humidity test chamber

This open-air saturation test chamber is also used by public testing institutions. Product durability is verified by conducting temperature testing based on the indoor and outdoor environments in which it is assumed products will be used.

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