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Endo Lighting Corp. has expanded the scope of its Quality Management System (QMS) activities to include all company operations, from light fixture design, development, manufacturing, and associated services to the sale of home furnishings and storage furniture systems. This QMS is used at all company facilities (including sales offices) to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

We look forward in the future to making an even greater contribution to society by helping provide comfortable communities, a clean and healthy environment, and a pleasant living environment through the sale of light fixtures, home furnishings, and storage furniture systems. In every phase of this effort, we will work aggressively to limit the use of electrical power and resources in light fixture development while practicing fine-grained, thorough quality control.


1. Date of registration

December 3, 1999

2. Date of renewal

February 13, 2010

3. Registration certificate no.


4. Certification organization

Japan Quality Assurance Organization

5. Applicable standard

ISO 9001:2008

6. Scope of registered activities

Design, development, and manufacture of light fixtures and semi-luminaires, and provision of associated technical documentation

Design, sale, manufacture, and construction of storage furniture systems

Sale of home furnishings

7. Facilities

Tokyo Branch
Endo Tokyo Building,1-4-1 Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo
Design, development, and sale of the products listed above

Takaida Worksite
1-1-12 Takaidanishi,Higashiosaka-shi,Osaka
Design and development of light fixtures and semi-luminaires

Kami Worksite
7-2-47 Kamihigashi,Hirano-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka
Design, development, and purchase of light fixtures and semi-luminaires

Sano Worksite
5-3 Sakae-cho,Sano-shi,Tochigi
Manufacture of light fixtures and semi-luminaires

Okawa Worksite
267 Oaza Hataho,Okawa-shi,Fukuoka
Distribution of home furnishings

Minakuchi Worksite
19 Satsukigaoka,Minakuchi-cho,Koka-shi, Shiga
Manufacture of light fixtures and semi-luminaires

Other facilities: 1 Sales Division facility and 17 Sales Offices
Sale of light fixtures and semi-luminaires and provision of associated technical documentation



Increasing corporate value and improving management quality

Corporate value as the value Endo provides to society

Creating exceptional management mechanisms and human resources that continuously increase corporate value

Emphasizing management founded on respect for people and creating mechanisms to facilitate harmony between employees and the organization and continuous, sustained growth


Increasing customer satisfaction and employee motivation

Maximizing the satisfaction of the three primary stakeholders: customers, employees (motivation), and shareholders

Cultivating mechanisms and an organizational culture that allow employees to think, make decisions, act, and evaluate the results for themselves as a way to create an organization in which all employees can realize their true potential and enjoy a high level of motivation

Cultivating mechanisms and an organizational culture that allow individual employees to share core values, work in a spirit of freedom and autonomy, and grow personally

Ensuring that leaders play the role of creating mechanisms (an environment) that allows individual employees to make the best possible decisions and take the best possible action in a spirit of autonomy, and of supporting them as they do so


Endo Lighting Corp. is dedicated to raising the environmental awareness of its employees in accordance with an Environmental Policy that sets forth its corporate stance with regard to environmental activities.

In addition,we will work to contribute to the conservation of the global environment by developing high-efficiency,environmentally friendly products. We will also continue to pursue Group-wide environmental initiatives that involve business partners,including recycling through the sorting of waste products and reduction of waste through computerization of documents.


1. Date of registration June 8, 2007
2. Registration certificate no. JQA-EM5828
3. Certification organization Japan Quality Assurance Organization
4. Applicable standard ISO 14001:2004
5. Scope of registered activities Design and development of light fixtures and semi-luminaires and quality assurance activities
6. Registered facility Lighting Technology Research Institute,Endo Lighting Corp.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Endo Lighting Corp. has followed a philosophy of “using fewer resources and energy to create better environments (spaces)” since its founding. We are motivated by a desire to help create bright, well-lit communities and homes through lighting products.

Each and every Endo employee appreciates that the need to conserve the global environment is an important issue facing all of humankind, and every aspect of our corporate activities takes into account the imperative of sustainable environmental conservation.

Basic Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer of light fixtures, Endo Lighting Corp. takes steps to accurately assess the impact of its production business activities, products, and services on the environment. We pursue an array of environmental conservation activities, including by making improvements to our Environmental Management System (EMS) on an ongoing basis, preventing pollution, and implementing the following policies:

  • I.
  • Preventing global warming: Developing energy-saving products
  • A.
  • Developing energy-saving products and undertaking environmental conservation initiatives
  • B.
  • Increasing the number of environmentally friendly products we offer and working to foster their widespread use in society
  • C.
  • Developing products using materials that are free of regulated environmentally harmful substances
  • II.
  • Conserving resources (reduce, reuse, and recycle)
    Our conservation efforts give priority to addressing the environmental impacts of our
    business activities, products, and services as follows:
  • A.
  • Working to conserve energy and resources by increasing the efficiency with which our business facilities use energy and resources
  • B.
  • Working to reduce use of paper, to conserve resources used in packaging materials, and to recycle those resources
  • III.
  • Disclosing information and communicating effectively
  • A.
  • Disclosing environmental information by such means as our website and environmental reports
  • B.
  • Undertaking environmental conservation activities through communication with stakeholders and society
  • C.
  • Encouraging environmental responsibility and a willingness to participate in related initiatives by spreading awareness of this Environmental Policy among all employees and staff
  • IV.
  • Complying with applicable laws
  • We work to prevent environmental pollution (of water, air, and soil) by complying with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements that the company has accepted.
  • V.
  • Reviewing the Environmental Policy along with related objectives and targets
  • We establish environmental policies, objectives, and targets and regularly reassess them by means of management reviews that take into account the environment in which we do business.

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