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Meeting new LED needs through speedy development and high quality

From customers to sales, and from sales to development: We work to ensure that new lighting needs discovered through market research and customer interviews are communicated in an accurate and timely manner so that development work can begin as soon as possible.
Additionally, we have integrated processes ranging from checking and verification to strength testing and mold design using 3D CAD software so that we can achieve a higher level of design quality more quickly. This capability allows us to better meet customer expectations with new LED lighting products.

Pursuing ideal lighting through a proprietary approach to optical design

We design high-performance, high-quality products using computer-aided simulation and analysis and optical design technologies. We’ve also deployed an optical simulation system to assist in our pursuit of ideal lighting based on our proprietary approach to optical design. This new system lets us more effectively analyze optical characteristics.

Delivering optimal light in all spaces through light distribution control

We conduct comparative testing of a variety of light sources as well as LED lens research and development in order to deliver just the right amount of light exactly where it is needed, all while using less power. Our LEDZ LED lighting products, which are designed to deliver the necessary level of light distribution control assuming the full range of possible operating environments, can be found hard at work creating high-added-value spaces around the world, and they have earned high praise from customers overseas.

Narrow-angle light distribution
Narrow-middle light distribution
Medium-angle light distribution
Wide-angle light distribution
Super-wide-angle light distribution

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