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Pursuing a new vision of what light can bring to architectural spaces by perfecting not only fixture design, but also the quality of light itself

More than any other element of a built structure, users experience the most intimate relationship with its light. The pitch, even the presence of a staircase may go largely unnoticed. But the light within a structure, the way that it welcomes and guides, aids and assists, enhances beauty and reveals the character of the architecture – these things speak us at every moment in a language that surpasses words.

The roots of the lighting business lie in the manufacture of unique light fixtures, which feeds directly into the core of ENDO’s enterprise. Part of what has given us the leading share of Japan’s commercial lighting market is the sheer variety of unique solutions we offer. We’ve created lighting for virtually every type of public use space imaginable. Those that add to the joy of life – boutiques, restaurants, amusement parks; and those that give it sustenance – office buildings, train stations, medical facilities. ENDO produces over 2,700 LED products alone, and the range of applications is expanding as never before. The more significant factor is how we achieve this variety.

Our optical technologies are state-of-the-art. Energy efficiency and greater safety are the result of precision in manufacturing, along with rigorously tested heat management. It is not difficult to illuminate a space with LEDs, as it was not difficult to illuminate our caves with torches. But to achieve a truly new quality of light, which is ENDO’s overarching goal, and to do it in a way that ensures high added value, a way that is Earth- and people-friendly, and that meets the needs and specifications of our diverse range of clients, that is our solemn commitment! When comparing lighting products we invite you to look closely at the details that distinguish ENDO Lighting.



LEDs have drawn attention as a new, long-lasting light source that delivers environmentally friendly, mercury-free performance without emitting ultraviolet light. Endo has developed a line of proprietary applied LED products that create appealing lighting effects even in highly illuminated spaces by using advanced reflectors and lens designs to freely control the LED light path.


Endo develops products that satisfy a variety of standards around the world, including CE and CCC, as part of its commitment to delivering lighting and spaces that meet requirements through high quality and innovative technology.


LEDZ lighting retains its brightness from the beginning to the end of its service life, delivering a higher luminous flux retention rate than conventional lamps.

Values calculated in accordance with general lighting LED module performance requirements (JIS C8155:2010).


By taking normal setting values and adding a sufficient temperature margin, a higher level of reliability can be achieved over a long service life. This design philosophy also contributes to increased fixture safety.

The service life of white LEDs is defined by the Japan Luminaires Association’s White LED Light Fixture Performance Requirements (JIL 5006:2010) as follows: “when turned on under the conditions specified by the light fixture manufacturer, the total time until the LED module no longer emits light, or the total time until the light from the module falls to 70% or less of the value measured when first turned on, whichever is shorter.”


Endo offers more than 2,700 LED products, including the R series, which includes standard product variants based on a round module; the L series, which offers wide light distribution with line-shaped modules; and the S series, which delivers asymmetrical light distribution characteristics with square modules. Modules are available in five color temperatures.

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